Saturday, March 31, 2007


Whenever Jeremy or I returns home after a milk purchase we summon the other to help lug the milk up the stairs. These are normally joyous occasions of camaraderie, but today the joy was destroyed.

As I approached Jeremy's car, ready to provide assistance, I found him with a sheepish look on his face. "What kind of sad event could be eating into what is normally such a stellar occasion?" I wondered to myself. As I came nearer Jeremy revealed to me the source of his shame. From the back seat of his car he lifted a single gallon of SKIM MILK white coloured water!

As he lifted the gallon into view he ashamedly mumbled something about "being whipped" and maybe something about "the ball and chain," but my horror was so great that I remember little else of his explanation. You'll have to ask him to explain. My outrage is so great that I cannot even bring myself to ask for more detail.

UPDATE: Needless to say, this gallon will not count toward our totals. Neither he nor I will be partaking of this sub-par liquid.


Anonymous said...

Buy some whole milk and mix it together. I think whole milk is ~3%, so 2 gallons of whole + 1 gallon of skim should work.

Jeremy said...

Why wouldn't I have just bought a gallon of 2% then? It's for Danielle. Sheesh.

Anonymous said...

Well, sorry, I didn't know that.

Jeremy said...

No worries, Mr. Nymous. We all get a little cranky around here when there's skim milk to be dealt with.